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    puppyfrontWelcome to Animal Health Services-serving the http://b-interaktive.com/wpbuy-branded-cialis Cave Creek, Carefree, Anthem, North Scottsdale and North Phoenix Areas. Our mission at Animal Health Services is to provide the highest quality veterinary medicine available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to provide a level of customer service that will exceed your expectations. We like to enter site think of www.via-architecture.com each and every client as our friends and treat them as such. Your pets are an extension of our family and we treat them as if they were our own.

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    To facilitate our diagnostic abilities, we are staffed with 7 full time veterinarians and a technical and wow)) support staff of over 40 employees. Each of our veterinarians have chosen an area of special interest and have excelled in services such as orthopedic surgery, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, endoscopy, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, advanced dental care including root canals and some restorative work, avian medicine, preventative medicine, as well as some alternative medicines.

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    ahsvetsplash4Animal Health Services is a fully equipped hospital with diagnostic tools such as a CT Scanner (Computed Tomography), Ultrasound, Endoscopes, Laparoscopes, Arthroscopes, Digital Radiography, Digital Dental Radiography, In-House Laboratory equipment, CO2 Laser, Radiosurgical units, and Telemedicine.

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    lTPDS logoPamper your pet at The Tender Paw Day Spa located in Animal Health Services. A skin and coat wellness and recovery center for pets. Featuring Iv San Bernard Products.

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    Maggie Mae has been with the Iv San Bernard products for several months now and her coat looks better than it ever has. And soft! And I have yet to see another flake. more...

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Pet Skin Ozone Therapies & Hydro Massage

Written by mhaber. Posted in News, Tender Paw Day Spa News

Does your pet have constant skin problems, allergies, itching or hair loss? If you answered yes, then your pet may benefit from Tender Paw Day Spa's Skin Ozone (O3) and Hydro Massage Therapies.

1. What is Ozone?
2. Hydro Massage and Skin Ozone Therapies.
3. Conditions Hydro Massage and Skin Ozone Therapies can treat.




What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is an energized form of oxygen (O2) with extra electrons. Ozone is a naturally occurring component of fresh air. It can be produced by the ultra- violet rays of http://westraydevelopmenttrust.co.uk/wpcms/buy-real-viagra the sun reacting with the Earth's upper atmosphere, which creates a protective ozone layer, or it can be created artificially with an ozone generator. At Tender Paw Day Spa we have a special Hydro-Massage machine that has the ability to generate O3 while the coxsackie.org pet is getting a skin therapy. The difference between oxygen and what is generic viagra ozone is that the ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms whereas the oxygen molecule contains only two. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer man can produce, and will oxidize all bacteria, mold and yeast spores, organic material and viruses.

Ozone is not only a very powerful oxidizing agent but also a very powerful non- chemical disinfectant. It has the unique feature of decomposing to a harmless nontoxic environmentally safe material, namely oxygen. In Europe, ozone is used for many purposes: color removal, taste and odor removal, turbidity reduction, organics removal, micro flocculation, iron and manganese oxidation, and most commonly, bacterial disinfection and viral inactivation.


Hydro Massage and Skin Ozone Therapies

Understanding that Hydro-massage & Skin Ozone Therapies are not a drug or a magic bullet, Tender Paw Day Spa always treats patients under the direct supervision of the veterinarian. Hydro-massage and click here pet skin ozone therapies are therapeutic tools which can aid the groomer in regaining the health of the skin. In the end, the immune system has to do the http://tnb.no/generic-viagra work of healing the body and skin ozone therapy is best performed along with other treatment modalities in order to achieve the best results.

The number and frequency of treatments will vary with the condition being treated. A treatment plan is determined on http://redevgroup.com/canada-levitra-generic an individual basis depending on the patient's specific skin issues.


Conditions hydro massage and skin ozone therapies can treat.


  • Dermatophytosis (Ringworm)
  • Dermatomycosis
  • malassezia dermatitis
  • candidiasis


  • dermatitis flea-allergy
  • dermatitis food-allergy
  • atopic dermatitis


  • wet seborrhea
  • dry seborrhea


  • for skin and coat nourishment and a force & barrier against external agents.


  • trauma
  • surgical shavings
  • follicular atrofiation
  • adenitis of sebaceous glands
  • follicular dystrophy; alopecia of link for you color dilution, skin hydration


  • to combat proliferation of bacterias and malassezia that cause itching.

  • prevent or treat infection
  • encourage healing


  • sooth arthritic joints
  • post-surgical orthopedic joint therapies –following healed incision.


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