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    puppyfrontWelcome to Animal Health Services-serving the http://joannelovesscience.com/women-levitra Cave Creek, Carefree, Anthem, North Scottsdale and North Phoenix Areas. Our mission at Animal Health Services is to provide the highest quality veterinary medicine available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to provide a level of recommended site customer service that will exceed your expectations. We like to think of each and every client as our friends and treat them as such. Your pets are an extension of our family and we treat them as if they were our own.

  • Caring Staff

    To facilitate our diagnostic abilities, we are staffed with 7 full time veterinarians and a technical and http://www.hexicamaerials.com/what-is-viagra support staff of over 40 employees. Each of our veterinarians have chosen an area of special interest and have excelled in services such as orthopedic surgery, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, endoscopy, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, advanced dental care including root canals and some restorative work, avian medicine, preventative medicine, as well as some alternative medicines.

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    ahsvetsplash4Animal Health Services is a fully equipped hospital with diagnostic tools such as a CT Scanner (Computed Tomography), Ultrasound, Endoscopes, Laparoscopes, Arthroscopes, Digital Radiography, Digital Dental Radiography, In-House Laboratory equipment, CO2 Laser, Radiosurgical units, and Telemedicine.

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    lTPDS logoPamper your pet at The Tender Paw Day Spa located in Animal Health Services. A skin and coat wellness and recovery center for pets. Featuring Iv San Bernard Products.

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    Maggie Mae has been with the Iv San Bernard products for several months now and her coat looks better than it ever has. And soft! And I have yet to see another flake. more...

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WhelpWise. Veterinary Perinatal Specialties, Inc.

WhelpWise. Veterinary Perinatal Specialties, Inc.

Providing quality obstetrical and whelping products and services to skelfsborg.com the veterinary community since 1997. Whelpwise

 What is the Whelpwise Service? – Whelpwise service offers quality obstetrical and whelping products for monitoring bitches during the whelping process. Whelpwise is offered only in conjunction with a licensed veterinarian.  The WhelpWise staff works closely with the doctors and staff at Animal Health Services throughout the campustownrentals.com monitoring and whelping process.

What equipment is involved?The service includes a Uterine Monitor, Fetal Heart Rate Doppler and 24 hour support. Service begins 3-5 days before the expected due date. Data is collected twice daily for one hour and sent over your home telephone line to the monitor center for immediate feedback. When labor is fertilityroad.com established, monitoring occurs as often as needed to assure all is proceeding without problems. Equipment is returned when whelping is complete. We recommend that you reserve your monitoring service when you breed.  If you are calling at the last minute, will do our best to get you worked into the schedule. Equipment is limited!

What if my pet is considered high-risk? – There is a High Risk WhelpWise™ Service: For clients experiencing problems with this pregnancy or have a prior history of problems.  We can help with clients that have: 

History of prior premature deliveries
History of prior or current resorbtions in litters
History of high fetal losses
Prior or current Pyometra. 

Why use Whelpwise?Until recently the lack of technology, methods, protocols and support systems made whelping a “stand back, cross your fingers and hope every thing comes out OK” experience. Many old wives tales exist about when a whelping should occur and look there how a normal whelping should progress. Whelping management and interventions by yesterday’s standards were frequently based on subjective symptoms such as panting or nesting rather than accurate objective information on uterine contractions and fetal heart rates, placing the breeder and veterinarian in a passive rather than active role in the whelping process.

In almost every whelping there is a period of time when the levitra on line breeder will wonder what is actually occurring either with the labor process itself, or concern about whether the pups are alive and well. The WhelpWise service was developed specifically to address the puzzling times surrounding a whelping by providing the breeder with accurate information on presence or absence of labor, and assessments of fetal well being as detected by the monitoring equipment. Uterine contraction and fetal heart rate monitoring equipment provided through the WhelpWise service will allow the breeder to know when labor has begun, and directly monitor the heart rates of the puppies. The service is always offered in conjunction with licensed veterinarians. This equipment, designed for use in the home setting, contains a built in modem that links the breeder, via phone, with specially trained obstetrical staff and protocols for whelping management.

What else can it do to help the whelping process? – Monitoring uterine contractions and fetal heart rates allows the breeder to positively identify the onset of labor and skelfsborg.com accurately estimate the time that whelping should begin. Uterine contractions and puppies are followed throughout the whelping process confirming that all is going well, or identifying problems in a timely manner should they occur. Common problems such as inertia can be identified and treated in the home setting using low-dose medication protocols, adjusting medications to support but not over stimulate the overnight cialis generic uterus. All medication doses are determined by the uterine contraction pattern. Conversely, instances such as a stuck pup where strong contractions exist and medication should not be given can also be identified, helping to prevent problems such as uterine rupture.

Monitoring the heart rates of the pups allows the breeder to know that puppies are doing well during the last few days of ordering levitra overnight delivery gestation and during the whelping. Stressed pups, identifiable by specific heart rate patterns, allows the breeder and veterinarian to make timely informed decisions about interventions, and make the interventions more likely to result in healthy pups.

 Do I get the products directly from the company or from you?  You get the equipment directly from WhelpWise, but the medications (oxytocin and calcium) through Animal Health Services.


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